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유통기한 문의

Publié par Client iHerb sur juil. 12, 2017 | Achat vérifié

어디다 올려야 하는지 몰라서여 하단에 12/16 이라고 되어있는데 16년 12월까지 인가요??

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그냥 그렇습니다.

Publié par Client iHerb sur nov. 29, 2016 | Achat vérifié

닥터 머콜라 제품을 신뢰해서 선크림, 사람 유산균 등 다양한 제품을 사용하는 중인데 이 제품은 그냥 그랬어요. 한 번에 두 통 구매해서 다 먹였고 재구매 하지 않았습니다. 캡슐을 잘 먹는 개나 고양이를 반려하시는 분들은 반려동물용 제품 말고 사람용 Complete Probiotics로 먹이세요. 저는 사람용 사서 저도 먹고 저희 개도 같이 먹입니다. 다만 이 제품은 가루로 되어있기 때문에 어떤 방법을 써도 캡슐을 먹지 않는 아이들에게는 유용할 것 같아요.

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Works Great

Publié par Client iHerb sur août 01, 2016 | Achat vérifié

I recommend this product. However, be aware that if your animal is a very sickly, non-thriving animal, they could die from the pathogen die-off affect. My scabby cat got better with fish oil on his food, but when I added this to the mix, after 4 days he got very fatigued. I knew it was die off and quit giving him the probiotics and waited for him to get better. Unfortunately he didn't get better, he died on the third day. No telling what was going on inside his body. A couple of months later I gave a 1/2 dosage to my small non-thriving 10-year-old dog and he started having die off after 4 days. I had to take him to the vet where he got diagnosed with heartworm and took meds, then had to go back with water retention and congestive heart failure and he got more meds. I tried to detox the die off with activated charcoal, but within 10 days he died. I don't blame the probiotics at all, just want you to know that small pets that have problems to begin with can get big problems with die off reaction.

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Обязательно для животного

Publié par Client iHerb sur févr. 17, 2015 | Achat vérifié

Если болели, если лечились антибиотиками, если понос, если какашки неправильные (слишком мягкие, вонючие и т.д....) вам это средство необходимо. Мы выходили двух котов после серьезных болезней. После отмены кал не изменился. Понос теперь не наша история!

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Best Animal Probiotic on the Market!

Publié par Client iHerb sur oct. 15, 2013 | Achat vérifié

This product is amazing. It does not need to be refrigerated. It contains 14 strains of good bacteria (more than I have seen in any other animal probiotic). It is GMP certified. And, also very important, my dogs eat it up just fine. I have been buying this product for a very long time and I will not stop any time soon.

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Not that good

Publié par Client iHerb sur déc. 09, 2014 | Achat vérifié

I had to discontinue using it, my both dogs got sick and had diarrhea for three days after I discontinue the use.

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재구매 하러 왔어요~

Publié par Client iHerb sur oct. 31, 2015 | Achat vérifié

젠틀다이제스트, 도필러스, 프로바이오틱 다 먹여봤는데 그리 만족할 만큼 효과를 못 봐서 떠돌다 이 제품을 보고 가격이 너무 비싸 고민하다 모험한다치고 사봤는데 완전 대만족이예요. 향은 연한 콩가루향에 살짝 시큼한 향이 나는 편이구요. 안에 플라스틱 계량스푼도 들어있습니다. 설사를 자주 하는 냥이에게 가루를 적은 물에 타서 숟가락으로 먹이는데 그리 거부감이 크진 않았어요. 무엇보다 효과가 눈에 띄게 나타나고 냥이가 알러지 일으키는 맥주효모(브루얼이스트)가 없어서 맘에 들어요. 그래서 이번에 거의 다 먹어서 재구매 하러 왔어요. 다만 단점은 가격에 비해 용량이 적다는거예요. 포장 뜯어보면 저 통의 절반만큼만 들어있어요~~

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Cat loves it!

Publié par healthfirst sur sept. 10, 2014 | Achat vérifié

Wish I had known about this product years ago when my other cats were alive. My new cat doesn't detect this at all I've had cats that had IBD, intestinal/bowel cancer and I NEVER want that to happen again. Just trying to do all that I can to keep my new cat healthy with no allergy or intestinal problems.

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Used for dog allergies

Publié par Client iHerb sur mai 08, 2014 | Achat vérifié

My dog's allergies have almost entirely cleared up after using this for 2 months (therapeutic dose of one scoop per day). I combined this with high quality dog food (Origen) and Udo's Choice powdered vitamins on a daily basis, and his scratching and scabbing have subsided considerably. For my 12lb Italian Greyhound, it lasts about a month to a month and a half. I have not tried any other, cheaper products, but this one did the job.

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Perfect solution to cats' loose stools

Publié par Client iHerb sur nov. 23, 2014 | Achat vérifié

Absolutely happy with this product. It is odourless and my cats have no problems eating their raw meat mixed with this.

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